Body Composition Analysis

Are you curious about your body composition and want to have it analyzed?

Body composition analysis is now available at the clinic. I use a dual frequency segmental body composition analyzer which will give you an accurate whole body and segmental breakdown of your body composition using the latest dual-frequency bioelectric impedance technology and 4C reactance model. The 4-component (4C) model is a criteria based method of analysis for human body composition that separates the body into fat, water, mineral and protein.

Body composition is the different components that make up our body such as fat, muscle, water, bone etc. It can be beneficial to know your body composition as a good balance between fat and muscle mass is necessary to lead a healthy life and decrease the risk of certain chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Bone density is also important to know to ensure strong bones and reduce the risk of osteopenia or osteoporosis. It can be analyzed numerous ways with the DEXA scan being gold standard. As these scans are more expensive than other methods and often have a longer waiting list bioelectrical impedance analysis is another method that can be used. This is considered to be within  +/-5% accuracy of the DEXA scan. It uses electrical conductivity to provide readings such as body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat and more.

Parameters that are measured are detailed in full below, and include body fat %, fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass and visceral fat. All that is required is to stand on the scales barefoot and hold the handle for 40 seconds. Following a short explanation of your results in the clinic, all measurements are supplied to you electronically via a report sent directly to your email address.

Those with a medical implanted device such as a pace maker should not use this machine. Pregnant woman can use it but the results will be skewed due to the excess water.

A body composition analysis assessment is included in a standard consultation, or can be completed independently. See services page for details.


Whole Body:

  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Impedance
  • Body Fat %
  • Fat Free Mass
  • Metabolic Age*
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)*
  • Muscle Mass*
  • Visceral Fat Rating*
  • Physique Rating*
  • Bone Mass*
  • Total Body Water %*

Segmental Readings for leg, arm & trunk:

  • Body Fat %
  • Body Fat Rating
  • Muscle Mass*
  • Muscle Mass Rating*
  • Segmental Muscle Mass (SMI)*
  • Leg Muscle Score*

*Available only for Adults 18-99