About Me


★ BSc in Human Nutrition, University College Dublin

★ MSc in Dietetics, Ulster University

★ Level 4 Certificate in Exercise, Health and Fitness – University of Limerick

★ Certificate in Pre/Post Natal Exercise

★ Completed FODMAP training with Monash University

★ Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

★ CORU Registered

★ INDI Member

How I became a Dietitian and Fitness Instructor?

I was born in Dublin, raised on a family farm, developed a love for fitness and nutrition and as a result I qualified with a BSc in Human Nutrition from UCD and Level 4 Certificate in Exercise Health and Fitness from University of Limerick . From there I furthered my studies obtaining a MSc in Dietetics from University Ulster Coleraine.

My areas of expertise include sporting performance, body composition and weight loss as well as devising specialized diets for those with dietary issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, coeliac disease, diabetes among many others. I have always been passionate about sport and fitness and have played almost every team and individual sport there is. My interest in fitness, nutrition and dietetics stemmed from my love of sport. I believe having a greater knowledge about nutrition and dietetics is as valuable as doing the correct exercises to target a certain muscle group in fitness or having the correct tactics in any sport.

In the words of R.J. Maughan “a good diet will not make a mediocre athlete a champion but poor choices can turn a potential athlete into a mediocre athlete.” This also applies to those who are trying to lose weight. You can train hard 5 days a week and still not see results if your diet is not right. You simply can’t out train a bad diet.

I am a CORU registered dietitian and a member of the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Dietetics.